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Tracing Dental Implants Back to Their Roots – Brentwood, CA

Dental implants are currently one of the most in-demand solutions for tooth loss. Although the concept of restoring a lost tooth with an implant seems modern, do know that it all began during the ancient times. But, how is the amazing approach for teeth replacement discovered even before technology was introduced? We at Arbor Dental have prepared some interesting historical facts. Continue reading below.


The History of Dental Implants

  • The ancient Chinese used to replace their lost teeth with carved bamboo pegs.
  • The first ever trace of a metal teeth replacement in the form of a copper peg was discovered in the upper jawbone of an Egyptian King. However, it was believed to have been inserted after death.
  • Experts also discovered an iron false tooth replacement in a Celtic grave in France. Due to the process of the insertion, they believe it was performed post-death for it would have been excruciating.
  • Since resources are limited, the teeth used for replacement were not all fake. Animal and human teeth became popular choices since they can “closely mimic” the appearance of real teeth.
  • Out of all the other materials used for dental implants, the ones used by the ancient Mayans sparked interest. The tooth-shaped shells that were inserted in the lower jaw seemed to hint the sign of regeneration!

Researches made more developments in order to come up with the best material and technique to use. They utilized materials like alloy and gold, which, unfortunately, provided unsatisfactory results. Other approaches they tried were treated as foreign objects that the bone and body rejected; causing them to fail. It all changed in 1952 when an orthopedic surgeon accidentally discovered a property of titanium. Per-Ingvar Brånemark, the surgeon, was studying the regenerative and healing properties of the bone. Brånemark happened to insert a titanium cylinder on the femur of a rabbit which he was unable to remove.

The bone has grown close to the titanium cylinder that it fused with the material. Afterward, Brånemark continued his experiments, and it was in 1965 that the first ever titanium implant was placed on a human volunteer.

Since this discovery, researchers desired to get perfect results, and it did improve for decades. Nowadays, the dental implants used are made from high-grade titanium that promotes osseointegration (fusion between the post and bone) to provide durable and stable prostheses to people suffering from missing teeth.


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