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The Benefits of Invisalign Teen – Brentwood, CA

Invisalign clear aligners are both for adults and teenagers who are dreaming of a straighter smile. While the comfortable and invisible appearance of the teeth straightening trays is ideal for working individuals, teens can also benefit from them. Below are the many advantages that teen patients can get upon investing in Invisalign Teen.

Invisalign Teen Is Overflowing with Benefits!

Ideal for Athlete’s Use

Clear aligners are best for those who are playing contact sports. Since they are removable, the risk of a broken appliance and mouth tissue abrasions are prevented.

Picture-Ready Smile

Teenagers love taking selfies. The good thing is, Invisalign aligners are made from clear materials so wearers can always stay picture-ready during prom, homecoming, or any other special occasions.

No Sore Mouths

Invisalign clear aligners do not have brackets, wires, or other metal components which can poke the lips and soft tissues inside the mouth.

Better Performance at School

Students wearing Invisalign aligners will have no problem performing on stage because of the discreet appearance of the orthodontic device. Plus, the smooth composition of the teeth straightening tray will not interfere with their speaking functions.

Less Dental Appointments

The fact that Invisalign does not require patients for monthly adjustments is both good news for teens wearing the orthodontic appliance and their parents too! Our dentist at Arbor Dental only necessitates wearers to pick up their trays every 8 to 10 weeks.

Good Oral Hygiene

The removable aligner makes oral hygiene easy and effective for wearers. There are no wires that can cause difficulties when flossing or brackets that can make brushing exhausting.

Happy Tummy

There are no dietary restrictions with Invisalign. Wearers can grab the foods they like or sip their favorite juices without compromising the orthodontic device. But of course, they need to take the aligner off before eating and drinking (except plain water).

Improved Confidence

Braces may not look so attractive when worn. Because of the unpleasant appearance of metals, wearers usually smile with their mouths closed to avoid embarrassment. Invisalign aligners, on the other hand, boost the wearers’ confidence so they can smile wide and beautiful while undergoing orthodontic treatment.


For the teenagers out there, our Invisalign Teen under Invisalign Aligner in Brentwood, CA can help you achieve a straighter and beautiful smile. Set an initial consultation in our office at Arbor Dental. Visit 6471 Lone Tree Way, Suite 301 Brentwood, CA 94513 now!