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Dental Scheduling – Not Like It Used To Be

Brentwood CA Family Dentist

In the past, dental appointments were made individually. Dental offices would fill each member of your family in at times when they had available in their schedule. It was like a piece of a puzzle with many parts. This scheduling process meant mom or dad shuffling a kid to the dentist office, only to be greeted with another appointment in a couple weeks for another appointment. Many appointments meant many hours in the car and checking kids in and out of school, and writing many school excuses.

This process was exhausting for everyone. Arbor Dental loves families. We want every member of your family to be well cared for. One way we promote family togetherness and maximize your valuable time is by offering family block dental appointments.

Family block dental appointments are one way we, at Arbor Dental, can show you how much we care. We make your scheduling easy, manageable and even enjoyable!

The Way Family Block Scheduling Works

  1. When you book your appointment for your family, request a block of time when each member of your family can be seen.
  2. When it’s time for your block of time to begin, every member shows up to our office together.
  3. While some members are being seen and treated, the others can enjoy our amenities to entertain and keep busy while they wait.
  4. After every member gets treatment, your block is over and you won’t have to come to our office until your next appointment.

Call Arbor Dental today to book your family block dental appointments and experience the difference they make in the life of your family’s schedule.

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