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Bringing White Back

teeth whitening

At Arbor Dental, we’re committed to bringing white back…white teeth that is! If you’re experiencing smile dissatisfaction due to dull, gray or yellowing teeth, we have the solution for you. We offer professional teeth whitening for you to regain the level of white you’ve experienced in the past.

Over the years, your teeth probably have lost some of their white coloring due to your diet and food or drink staining. At times, your habits such as smoking or tobacco use can cause your teeth to discolor. Some medications can cause your teeth to turn yellow or grayish in color. Your teeth also turn yellow as you age. Your enamel wears away and thins exposing your teeth to acids from food and drinks.

If you Google DIY tooth whitening, you probably can discover a dizzying number of options. You also can visit your local drug store or grocery store and find an entire aisle dedicated to teeth whitening. It’s confusing to know which to choose. Many over-the-counter and DIY approaches to teeth whitening boast about big results, but often fail to deliver.

At Arbor Dental, we recommend using our professional method of teeth whitening. We can help you discover the cause of your discoloration, and closely administer and monitor your entire process. Safety and satisfaction are our goals at Arbor Dental for all of your teeth whitening needs. Call and book your professional teeth whitening appointment with Arbor Dental today. We’ll help you get your white teeth back!

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