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  • Dr. Ton is a very professional and energetic young Dentist. My family sees him for regular checkups, I was in a motorcycle accident and lost my two front teeth. Dr. Ton recommended the best option for replacement, was always courteous and respectful and made sure I was comfortable every step of the way. I love my new teeth and they look better than my originals. I would definitely recommend his services to all my friends and family.

    Rigo L
  • Dr. Ton is a committed professional through and through and will go above and beyond to not only take care of the needs of his patients, but to ensure that they are carefully educated in their oral health. He is the industry expert on patient preventative dental hygiene and care and ensuring the patient is as comfortable as possible. He took care of my personal needs for a oral appliance (I have severe bruxism and grind my teeth at night). Dr. Ton and his staff were stellar in all regards. Couldn’t recommend him more.

    Ray Y


6471 Lone Tree Way, Suite 301

Brentwood CA 94513


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